Justin Colby & Eddie Rosefield

Having created an experienced and successful real estate network, Justin Colby and Eddie Rosefield are regarded as the Phoenix metropolitan area’s most coveted real estate investors to work with. As Phoenix Wealth Builders, Justin and Eddie have created a brand that is in harmony with and is exemplified by the close relationships they develop as well as the amazing real estate opportunities they provide.

By taking their knowledge of 10+ years of fixing and flipping homes along with real estate investing, Justin and Eddie are now servicing real estate investors across the country. In addition to providing real opportunities for investors, these two have become mentors in the real estate community, offering real estate education and coaching to hundreds of students over the past several years.

Due to the high demand for Justin and Eddie’s wealth of knowledge and unfiltered personalities, they launched The Science of Flipping – The Premier Real Estate Investing Podcast. Within just 3 days of its launch, iTunes featured The Science of Flipping as “New & Noteworthy.”

In 2013, Justin and Eddie expanded their real estate resume in a big way by becoming developers. With a dynamic group that has a combination of 40+ years experience, Phoenix Wealth Builders are proud partners in the development of 79 outrageously affordable townhomes in Mesa, AZ. Although still in the development process, The Village at Mesa Grande will be the most affordable and exquisite homes in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Known for their charisma and engaging personalities, Justin Colby and Eddie Rosefield guarantee an entertaining, educational, and inspirational experience when given the appropriate platform. From intimate Master Minds to Real Estate Conferences, this dynamic duo speaks in front of thousands of real estate professionals each year.

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