Buying Pays Off More Than Renting!

buy homes in phoenix azIn 64% of metro areas, it’s more worthwhile to buy than to rent.

If that kind of stat doesn’t blow you off your feet than you haven’t been paying enough attention. I’m gonna spell it out for you a little more so you really understand what’s happened and what you need to be doing about it.

Basically the wisdom has been for the last few years that it’s the age of the renter. Homeownership is dead and it’s time to focus on commercial real estate and residential rentals. (This is assuming we’re leaving out cleaning up the foreclosure mess and letting short sales do the real work.)

But it turns out that if someone is planning to stay in a home for at least 3 years, then it’s actually smarter to buy. That kind of number is like pre-crash days. It’s totally doable for most of the people you’re likely to meet and you definitely need to be pushing home ownership.

I know that everyone I teach and talk to has realized what a goldmine economy we’re living in. People are relocating and looking for a new place to settle down. But your job is to show them the wisdom of buying. It’s the time. Get in now and you’ll be looking at happy tenants and fat profits.