Housing Market Predictions

housing-market-predictionsLet’s just settle things right off the bat: NO ONE can predict the future. If you still think that someone is going to tell you the winning lottery numbers or future natural disasters then you’ve got to go back to kindergarten. And yet, we as a species are so caught up in trying to figure out the future that we jump at almost anyone who claims to know something. Why is that? What are we hoping to see?

We spend millions following “expert advice” though as high and mighty as they sound they really can’t back up what they’re saying. Nowhere is this more true than in the housing market. There are a million different factors to consider before even beginning to guess which way the market is going to swing. Yet every guy that has even a sliver of the picture will shoot his mouth off with absolute certainty about what the future holds.

Take it from me, no one can see the curve balls coming that life has in store for us. You’ve got to be smart and make good decisions but don’t even think you’ve seen all the angles. I’ve been reading the “Guide to the 2013 Residential Housing Market” (or something like that) and it really tries its best to sound completely authoritative. Toss around policies like QE3 and FOMC, the NAR and FHFA and people will think you sit in every boardroom in the country 24/7.

Well guess what. They don’t. So you listen to the people you trust, keep your eyes open, and make smart decisions. Diversify. Take (calculated) risks. And do something worthwhile. And always be a servant. I’m going to keep hammering that point home until you listen.

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