Your Bank Will Shut Down!

I think every local, community, friendly, bank should be shut down.

Or was that every national, heartless, money-hungry bank? I sometimes get them mixed up.

It’s not just me. The Federal Reserve gets them confused too.

Here’s the bottom line: Do you think our country can ever be fixed using one size fits all solutions? Do you think it’s fair to hold greedy corporations to the same standards as mom and pop banks?

Of course you do. Because how else can we make sure that the most money flows into the fewest hands? And from those hands a good chunk of it needs to flow into the politicians hands. It’s really a very simple equation and I’m surprised it’s taken this long for people to catch on.

The problem in our plot is that someone in the Fed has decided it’s time to come up with one set of rules for multinational banks and an entirely different set for local community banks. How they’re going to do it – even she’s not sure. Why should they be treated the same? Well, here’s the best quote, “Community bankers argue that they never engaged in the sort of lending practices that led to the financial crisis. And I think that in most cases, the evidence supports their claims.”

So don’t worry, your money is safe. And by safe, I mean, being invested in risky investments in far flung corners of the world by people who definitely do not have your best interests at heart.

I don’t think I’ll be sleeping easy tonight, but that’s become routine since the housing crash. Same with you? Or am I way off base here?