Home Price Gains Continue

increase1September proved a lot of experts wrong and it looks like the trend shows no signs of slowing down. “Experts” have been predicting for the last few quarters that home prices are going to see their gains slow down and stop altogether before the end of the year. But as we are seeing growth is happening.

September saw a 12% gain in home prices. This is the 19th straight month with improving prices. Nevada, California, and Arizona showed string growth and even down-and-out places like Georgia and Michigan saw decent gains.

It’s important to always keep “expert” advice in perspective. They’re kind of like weathermen – they look at historical models, listen to the news, and try to predict what’s going to happen. Usually they embarrass themselves and give us all a good laugh, but it’s always informative.

Remember, don’t bet the bank, but also don’t be afraid to take chances. If there’s an opportunity in front of you make sure you sink your teeth into it soon. Growth won’t last forever, but you’ve still got plenty of opportunities to leave your mark.