Home Price Rise Out West | 2013 Year Update

Home Price RiseAs we end off the year we get a whole flood of stats from all corners of the industry. Everyone is trying to be the first to come out with some huge surprise for 2013. And then there are some basic facts that really get to the heart of the real estate investing business. Here’s one.

Where are the healthiest markets in the country?

Apparently they’re all out West!

7 of the top 10 are west of the Rockies! How insane is that?

Though honorable mention goes to New York, Boston and Pittsburgh for making a decent showing. Still you can’t deny the incredible drawing power of the great West!

We’ve seen home values rise by double digits consistently across the West with San Jose showing a high of 19.6%. That’s a pretty wicked rise for a city hit so hard.

This has benefits across the industry as underwater mortgages drop, foreclosures slow down, and unemployment numbers go down. We’re definitely finishing off 2013 with a healthier industry than we started it with.

We wish you all a happy New Year and a ton of success in your investments. Keep on plugging away and getting educated – it’s going to totally make your 2014!