Phoenix Wealth Builders consists of a two-pronged approach for homebuyers – wholesale and retail.


The experienced and successful real estate network that Phoenix Wealth Builders have established has enabled the company to gain access to exclusive contacts and inventory channels that source wholesale properties. The ability to locate and connect with motivated sellers allows Phoenix Wealth Builders to offer homebuyers the opportunity to buy wholesale properties with the confidence and knowledge of Phoenix Wealth Builders’ due diligence behind them.


Phoenix Wealth Builders has experienced incredible success with the fix-and-flip, or “rehab” component of its business. Each rehab property is selected with careful consideration. Phoenix Wealth Builders have mastered the ability to provide an accurate assessment of the retail value post rehab. The careful consideration and accurate assessment given to each property ensures that the costs and time that go into each rehab project yields expected profits and results.

Phoenix Wealth Builders prides itself on giving blighted and run-down homes in the Phoenix Valley area a second life. To the untrained eye, homes that are considered eyesores for communities may look hopeless. However, with a rehab philosophy that utilizes cutting edge technology and purposeful design, the quality and integrity of completed rehab projects is undeniable. Through home rehabilitation, Phoenix Wealth Builders is able to contribute to the cohesiveness of neighborhoods as well as maintain and even increase property value.

The team at Phoenix Wealth Builders includes a full-service real estate brokerage that makes the process of buying a rehabbed home as simple, easy, and as comfortable as possible. The high level of client satisfaction combined with the level of professionalism is what distinguishes Phoenix Wealth Builders from other real estate solutions companies.

If you are a homebuyer interested in one of our rehabbed properties, please contact us directly at: 1-888-484-5966

If you are looking to buy wholesale properties, please provide your contact information below in order to be added to our exclusive Buyer’s List.

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