What People are Saying About Us:

“Phoenix Wealth Builders customer service is second to none.  Since buying my property through Phoenix Wealth Builders, I have not once had to lift a finger.  I wish the other rental properties I have purchased were all through Phoenix Wealth Builders.”

John, WI

“As a married couple who is using their savings to buy investment properties, we feel that we are in the right hands with Phoenix Wealth Builders.  They made the whole process incredibly easy.  It gives us a great sense of relief that they take care of everything from rehabing the property, to finding the tenant, to collecting rent.  Thank you Phoenix Wealth Builders.”

Mr. & Mrs. Edwards, AZ

“Thank you Phoenix Wealth Builders!!!  My Dad always told me that rental properties are the real way to gain wealth.  Since finding Phoenix Wealth Builders I have purchased 2 of their cash flow properties and I am finally understanding what my dad was telling me all this time.  Phoenix Wealth Builders have a ton of knowledge and were great about informing me about why I would want to invest in Arizona, being that I am from California.
Thanks Eddie”

Scott, CA

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